The Haunting(1999)

type:film  Bean paste 6.2region:AmericaPlot:Horror



Young woman ilinuo lance (Lili Taylor) life is a mess, she sacrificed their own happiness, more than a decade to take care of sick in bed mother. After her mother dies, sister Jane (Virginia Madsen) plots to take over her house. Desperate, Eleanor saw an AD in a newspaper asking for volunteers from the insomnia research institute. Attracted by the amount of money requested, she decided to sign up. Theo dona (Catherine zeta-jones) and Luke sanderson (Owen Wilson), led by the original professor marlow (Liam Neeson), arrive at a manor that has been built for hundreds of years.

The estate has a long history and numerous mysterious deaths. The eerie atmosphere here makes Eleanor and others feel uneasy, and a variety of strange strange events also let them have a foreboding. There seemed to be great danger ahead

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